About this blog and me

Who are you?

My name is Matjaž Guštin. I’m a geek, an IT fanatic and have many things in my mind I’d like to say - so this blog could be the best way. Some may describe me as a loquacious stubborn workaholic that may bore you, some others as a person that likes to bring some happiness and help around. I don’t know if those descriptions are accurate; I’ll leave the judgement to you.

Also my Twitter is a collection of some neuronal activity of mine, check it out!

What do you write about?

I love technology, psychology, physics and other geeky stuff but the arguments of this blog will mainly be security, privacy, software, databases, Unix & other IT-stuff. I hope that what I write could help others in their lives, in their usage of technology and many other things.

Feel free to use the content of the website upon providing me credit! Check the legal notice for more information.

Wait, why are you writing in English? It’s not your mother-tongue…

Correct, it’s actually the 4th language I’ve learned and since I’m not an expert please correct me, if you find some errors. I’d appreciate it, since I’m a grammar-nazi as well. I’ve chosen English[*] because it’s universal, since I know many people of different mother-tongues. Also by writing in English I can hope somebody else in the world will find what I write useful or at least fascinating.

[*] some posts may be in other languages.