French playing cards for Poker in PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLite

Not much to tell. I thought a nice SQL-programming exercise would be to see how a deck of cards could be implemented in a database. It’s simple and straightforward but got me thinking a bit.

Check it out on GitHub. I programmed different versions of the same solution for PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLite (this one in 2 versions). Everything is BSD licensed, use it as you wish.

At first I thought about a user defined data type (yay PostgreSQL!), but then I realized that the instances of the problem were limited, thus a simple relation would suffice. A lesson for the future:

Check for the simplest solution first. If none is found, complicate it a little. Repeat.

A standard french playing deck (yes, that’s the official name for the Poker cards) contains 52 cards, 13 for each suit, and two jokers. In my solution I added an additional Covered card for a card with unknown value.

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