Hosting change and new theme

Yay! Better servers for this epic blog, my dear 3 readers! Yes, apparently this whole website is kind of a game I play alone. But that’s not a problem; it’s fun and I’m making experience for the future.

A new hosting discovered: +10 EXP

About a month just got a yearly e-mail from my hosting provider as a reminder that I have to pay for another year of hosting. Since I discovered another quite good hosting service and I had the opportunity to try it, the result was obvious.

I moved this domain and switched hosting providers. For a few hours my e-mail addresses were unreachable, but apparently nobody wrote me in that time period, so no problems. I halved the yearly hosting price for a service that is somehow better: the database and www-folder access is faster, I have unlimited bandwidth and e-mail account. The only limits are 10 GB on the disk and 100 sent e-mails per hour. In my case it’s more than enough.

Something very nice is the support for “naked” domain names of this new hosting service. Now my domain is instead of and the redirect from one to another takes way less time. There are some suggestions that I should use the www, but I’ll ignore them because of the small scale of the website.

The long export-import journey

I’ve backed up the files in the domain folder via FTPES, exported the database using the PhpMyAdmin panel and saved all my e-mails to a mbox file. It took me waaay longer than writing this sentence, sadly. After the domain transition to the new servers, my hosting account on the old server got deleted and my old domain folder as well. The strange fact was that my old MySql server account and my old e-mail accounts were not. So I simply performed an erase of every table, database, e-mail and e-mail account via PhpMyAdmin and webmail. Everything should disappear in a few weeks, when the last pieces of my old hosting account will disappear.

Then I reinstalled Wordpress from the new hosting’s control panel (which did it neatly for me, yay!), installed the plugins and themes that were used on the previous servers, uploaded back the wp-content/uploads folder, re-imported the old tables to MySql with the PhpMyAdmin import tool and changed the database settings in wp-config.php. It seems to work correctly.

New look

I’ve also tried to change the theme: is called Matheson and is very simple, minimalist, neat and clear. Sadly it’s quite expensive when it comes to the pro version. A good alternative was Automattic’s theme Minnow, which I didn’t choose due to the lack of images - and I’m unable to customize it.

Despite of that, there is still a lot of small work to do here and there. It may sound stupid, but it’s kind of my hobby. Some prefer to go fishing, I go blogging.

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