I'm leaving Facebook

On the 1st of December 2015 I’ll shut down my Facebook account.

How to reach me

Gather my contact information, while you can, if you bother to stay in touch with me!

  • First of all, check my Contact page. Write me an e-mail (possibly encrypted with PGP/GnuPG).
  • I’ll be active on Twitter
  • I also exist on Skype.
  • Last but not least: this blog.

For those who have also my phone number:

  • Signal (ex TextSecure/RedPhone), my favorite communication method for its strong security
  • WhatsApp (kind of forced to have it)
  • Well, you know, phone calls and SMS

Why leave?

The reasons are many.

The content of the majority of Facebook posts is useless to me - actually the only useless content is based on some good websites, like I f*cking love science, Lifehacker and the epic TED. Actually I thing this CollegeHumor video explains more than 10 paragraphs of mine:

Another thing I never really liked about Facebook are the birthday wishes. When it’s John Doe’s birthday, Facebook automatically remembers you to wish him something. The problem here is that everyone writes those wishes in a robotic way, automatically. They don’t give the heart into it. For this reason I’ve never wished anything to anyone, anyone on Facebook. I’m more of a handshake, hug and smile guy.

I had the idea to leave many months ago, but I was still keeping it active to keep up the contacts with people I know but I’m not often in contact. Except that I’ve never used those contacts. The people I’m constantly in contact with are anyway chatting with me via other services, not Facebook. The association I’m in is managed via other platforms, not Facebook. I’m not using it not even for the chat and I’ve stopped looking at the home page posts for many months.

I’m not even mentioning the privacy and tracking problems, which I encourage you to Google about.

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