How to pronounce and type Matjaž

My name is hard to pronounce and type for most, so here’s a guide.

The diacritical sign ˇ on top of the z and s is technically called an Inverted circumflex, most often known as caron, haček or strešica.


The first in the lists is the pronunciation written in the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) which may be the most generic way to write it. For those who are not familiar with it, there are some pronunciations as they could be written in some common languages.

First name: Matjaž

  • IPA: matj’aʒ
  • English: mah-tee-àh-s - s like in television
  • Italiano: ma-tiàj - j come in francese bon jour
  • Deutsch: ma-tjàj - erse j wie in ja, zweite j wie in Garage

Family name: Guštin

  • IPA: guʃ'tin
  • English: goosh-tèen
  • Italiano: gusc-tìn - sc come in scivolo
  • Deutsch: gusch-tìn

Writing and typing

In longhand, just write a small v above the z and the s characters. When typing on a computer, there are a few tricks to do it.

Simply copy-paste from here

  • Matjaž Guštin

Use the codes

Your operating system may accept numeric codes instead of a character and write the character instead.

On Windows

Press and hold the Alt key, type the numbers as follows on the numeric keypad (ensure that Num Lock is activated). Then release the Alt key.

  • ž = Alt + 0158
  • Ž = Alt + 0142
  • š = Alt + 0154 (also Alt + 0353 works)
  • Š = Alt + 0138 (also Alt + 0352 works)

On Linux (with an X Window System)

Hold Ctrl+Shift, type U followed by the required digits as follows. Then release Ctrl+Shift.

  • ž = 017E
  • Ž = 017D
  • š = 0161
  • Š = 0160

On macOS

Open the Emoji & Symbols menu with Command+Ctrl+Space. Type caron in the search box, the characters should be in the search results.

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