Numerus v2.0.0 released

Numerus, my roman numerals library has been completely updated!

Java Numerus becomes jNumerus

First of all, the Java library for roman numerals has been renamed from Numerus to jNumerus and it’s development is discontinued. There are some potential improvements in some feature/ branches, but they will probably stay there.

Rewritten in C, more features and optimizations

On the other hand, the project has been ported and completely rewritten in C. Some careful optimization has been done with many added features like support for numerals with values outside [-3999, 3999] and float values and numerals. For more info, check out the changelog. Also bugfixeeees!

More documentation and clean code

Doxygen generated documentation of the code tries to help as much as possible any library user.

Still available as a command line utility

The C version also support a command line interface (CLI) useful for on-the-fly conversions and pipelining, since every main argument is parsed as a command of the internal Numerus shell.

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