Simple fix for Bluetooth audio not working on Android 10

I just upgraded my Nokia 8.1 to Android 10 and my Bluetooth audio devices stopped working. This includes listening to music on Bluetooth earphones, Bluetooth speakers and receiving phone calls with them.

I tried rebooting the phone, resetting the network settings (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc.) and pairing the devices again to no avail.

The solution is much easier and I found it in this Nokia forum thread which states simply to disable the A2DP option in developer settings. Here are the steps if you are not familiar with the procedure:

  1. Enable the developer options
    1. Open your phone Settings
    2. About phone section
    3. Find the Build number at the bottom
    4. Tap it a about 10 times to unlock the Developer Options. A small notification on the bottom of the screen will let you know when you succeeded. It may also ask you to confirm your password
  2. Search for Developer options in the search bar in the phone Settings. Click on the second result.
  3. Enable them in the global slider on the top if they are not already on
  4. Find the option Disable Bluetooth A2DP hardware offload option (at about half of the list) and deactivate it. If you have trouble finding it, again use the search bar instead to make a lookup for “A2DP” for example. It may ask you to reboot the phone.
  5. After the reboot the audio streaming should work.
  6. You don’t need to keep the developer options active (the global slider on the top) in order to have this functionality working and it’s also recommended not to do so. Deactivate them unless you really know that you need them.
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