Your phone is infected: not only computer viruses, also real bacteria

Disclaimer: I’m not a medical professional and this is not medical advice, just my personal opinion. I can not take any responsibility for the results or consequences of any attempt to use or adopt any of the information presented on this website.

Sometimes our devices get infected, but not always is about computer viruses. Sometimes is the real ones…

We all know that you should wash you hands after touching money, because money travels from hand to hand and everybody touched them. But how many times have you cleaned your phone?

I’m not talking about rubbing the screen on your T-shirt, I’m talking about disinfection. Some studies show that there is much more bacteria on your smartphone or computer keyboard than on your toilet seat. Clean them!

“Alcohol is the solution!”

A routine I have is to disinfect my stuff periodically. I do it every few months (sometimes 1, sometimes 3). I use ethyl alcohol to deeply clean and disinfect at the same time. The con is that the stuff you clean stays smelly for about an hour and you have to open the windows, but it’s not tragic.

What should I clean?

My rule of thumb is: stuff you usually touch during the day but usually don’t clean.

A warning: don’t clean too often because it weakens your immune system. What “too often” means, that’s another can of worms (see upper disclaimer).

Extra tip: wash your hands regularly.

My personal list

My list of stuff-that-needs-periodical-disinfection:

  1. Phone[*]: alcohol may damage the touch screen, but should not be a problem if you use a screen protector;
  2. Laptop computer*****: touchpad, keyboard. Use a clean cloth for the screen if not sure;
  3. USB Sticks: especially those passed to other people;
  4. Chargers;
  5. Keys;
  6. Wallet: deeply, because of the money;
  7. Glasses[*]: use some specific cleaning product if not sure;
  8. Desktop computer[*]: mouse and keyboard (unmount all keys, if possible, and clean them on every side + the inside of your keyboard), power button, screen buttons;
  9. TV or other remotes;
  10. Game console controllers;
  11. Desk;
  12. Pens, pencils and other stationary you use often;
  13. Pencil case;
  14. Bag/backpack: washing them is often enough;
  15. Door handles;
  16. Light switches;
  17. Car: steering wheel, gear lever, all handles.

[*]: alcohol may damage the product or parts of it, like the screen, color, lenses coating. If you are not 100% sure of what you do, check the manufacturer’s guidelines about cleaning it.

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