I like to program stuff, you can find all my code on GitHub.


A comprehensive C library for conversion and manipulation of roman numerals.

This library allows you to convert roman numerals to values and values to roman numerals, adds some extensions to them to support big and float values that other converters of the same kind usually don’t, focuses on optimization, clean code and error handling. Also offers a Numerus shell to convert values on-the-fly or by pipelining (on Unix-like OS) without the need to include the library in an existing project.


The (not so complete but working) father of Numerus written in Java, including objects to represent roman numerals and their values.

My dotfiles

Yet another dotfiles repository but now with one git-branch per OS each with its own installer and updater scripts. Dotfiles are configuration files on Unix-like OS for user customization for text editors, shells, aliases and so on saved in the home directory as .filename.

SQL Playcard

A simple SQL script to represent and store standard french playing cards (those used in Poker) for a few RDBMS.